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2022 - 2023 Elections - Vote Here 



All nominations/candidate information must be submitted to Debbie Parris by Wednesday, May 11.  Go to Members > Documents > Elections > and Board Election 2022 Application.
Online voting will open by noon on Wednesday, May 18 and will end on Sunday, May 22 at 9 pm.  You will receive the ballot voting link by email blast late a.m. on May 18 - the day voting begins. If you do not receive the email voting link or if you do not have access to online voting, please contact Debbie Parris before Sunday, May 22 at 8 pm. 614-519-4310.  The voting link will also be located on the home page and on this page.

Gayle Anderson

How long have you been a member of the CSC and why did you join?

I joined the club in 2000 to go on a ski trip to Banff, Canada. I was nervous about not knowing anyone but ended up having a wonderful time.  My trip leader, Peggy McDaniel, introduced me to other skiers and made me feel welcome. I’ve continued to go on CSC trips every year since then.

What trips or activities had you led?
I have been the chair of western ski trips for the past seven years. I have investigated and negotiated each ski trip we've taken, followed its progress and okayed the finalbudgets before it went to the board.

Please tell us about yourself (personal/business)
I am the owner of Anderson Reporting Services, which is a court reporting/legal videographer business. We are presently in our 28th year here in the Columbus area. I livein Dublin with my two pugs, Rollo and Rose; and foster dogs through Purebred Rescue of Ohio. Presently I share my home with my foster Pug Ben. I enjoy most sports, playing tennis and golf with the Columbus Ski Club, along with skiing. I am originally from Toledo and still have manyfamily and friends up north.

Why do you want to run for the Board?
I've been on the board for six years (the last as president) and have enjoyed helping the club through some of the transitions that we are seeing. I am very impressed with the dedication and hard work of my fellow board members. While it does take a lot of my time, it's just been a very fun thing to do! 




Art Kahn

How long have you been a member of the CSC and why did you join?
I’ve been a member since 1983. I Joined to meet people and get involved in sports and other activities.

What trips or activities have you led or been involved in?
Activity leader for our great bowling league, social softball coach, social volleyball leader and coach, 5 years CSC board member over sports. In addition to the above, I have participated in: Tennis, soccer, euchre, cycling, ski trips, and football trips.

Why do you want to run for the Board?
Having enjoyed the plethora of activities over the years, it’s great to be involved in decision-making with regards to future fun activities.


Tom Glover

How long have you been a member of the CSC?
I joined in 2000.

What trips or activities have you led or been involved in?

I have been on several ski (Banff, Sun Valley, Tahoe, France, Italy) and non-ski (Costa Rica, Australia/New Zealand, Ireland, New York) trips. I have participated in many Ski Club sports (softball, darts, tennis, golf, bowling) and social activities (dances, parties, etc.) I have been in charge of social activities, such as the Holiday Party, the last four years.

Please tell us about yourself.
I’m from Memphis and lived in Dallas before being transferred to Columbus in 1993. I am retired from Kubota Tractor Company.

Why do you want to run for the board?
The time spent on the Board will help deter me from other, less healthy, activities and keep me out of trouble. It will provide a welcome break from the endless monotony of naps, infomercials and Three Stooges reruns.

Andrew Ottavio



How long have you been a member of the Columbus Ski Club and why did you join?

I joined in March 2018 in order to participate in ski trips and become involved with others who have similar interests.



What trips or activities have you led or been involved in?

I’ve been on many ski trips since I joined. In addition, I play in the Tuesday Night Golf League as well as serve as the TRACK Newsletter editor



Please tell us about yourself.

I’m a retired business owner who previously had careers in computer science and electronic engineering. I enjoy socializing with family and friends as well as staying active by playing ice hockey bike riding and of course skiing. I’m originally from Long Island, NY, but along with my wife and our two adult children have called Columbus our home for the past 30 years.



Why do you want to run for the board?

I had the pleasure of being an appointed member of the Board since July 2019. In that time, I have witnessed the dedication of the board members to provide its members a wide range of social, sport and trip activities. As I have always enjoyed being an active participant in the groups I belong to, I would be excited to assist this organization to continue in its mission to be a productive, exciting and relevant organization.



Alicia Shipley


How long have you been a member of the CSC?

I joined in the Columbus Ski Club in the summer of 2021 after my husband passed away. Cathy Reida convinced me that it was the right thing to do in my situation and I’m happy that I took her advice. I remember thinking that she was crazy considering I’d had both hips replaced and had no intention of skiing again but yet I joined and even ventured out to Mad River Mountain with other ski club members in February.


What trips or activities have you led or been involved in?

I started with the euchre league and met so many amazing people. After meeting Paul W. at euchre, we decided to team up for the billiards league and again were greeted by many smiling faces. I also signed up for the Vail trip with my half sister Pam, who lives in Colorado and had one of the best vacations of my life. CSC is the BOMB!


Why do you want to run for the board?

I recently retired after 32 years at the State of Ohio and honestly need to find a new passion. I enjoy participating in many activities and would like to have a voice in the Ski Club moving forward. I’m excited about the opportunity to advance this social club into the next decade. 



Alicia Shipley

Paul Wittman 

How long have you been a member of the CSC?

I originally joined back in 2008 because I wanted to get out and be more active & Continually meet like-minded new people as I am not originally from Central Ohio. However, due to becoming a single parent, and managing a full-time career, I did not have time available to continue to participate, so I was only in that one year. I rejoined again coming out of the Pandemic (May 2021) as my parental responsibilities have come to completion.

What trips or activities have you led or been involved in?

I have participated in Pickleball, Ballroom Dancing, the Tuesday Golf league, Euchre, Billiards, Volleyball & th 2021 Vail ski trip.

Why do you want to run for the board?

I think it is great being part of the largest social network in Ohio! Now that I have entered the last phase (phase 3) of life, I have ample time to do my part in keeping it fun & (hopefully) thriving.


Kurt Ricker

How long have you been a member of the Columbus Ski Club and why did you join:
I've been a member of CSC since roughly 2000. I joined the club to ski for the most part, but as I became more familiar with the people and different activities the club sponsored, I took up golf, tennis, bowling and occasionally euchre. In joining the club I received much more than I bargained for with all of the close friendships that have developed over the years.

What trips or ativities have you led or been involved in:
I've never been in a lead capacity on any trips. That said, I have helped with activity and dining options on the many trips I've bee on. As I stated above, I have participated in club activities such as ski trips, golf,tennis, bowling, and occasionally euchre. I do get a bit more involved with the tennis group and help out whenever called upon.

Please tell us about yourself (personal/ business):
I've been self employed since 1987 and incorporated in 94. I started out as a licensed general contractor (residential) while doing it all...kitchens, bathrooms, additions, decks and windows. Over the years I focused more and more on the windows. Since 2002 the business has morphed into a full service distributorship, handling several lines of windows and offering service and installation on a residential, commercial, industrial and multi family basis. I do work statewide and occasionally wander into Indiana andKentucky as well. The first sixteen years of my working life was spent in restaurants - front of the house mostly very high end places, except for my first gig which was a dishwasher at a IHOP......gotta start some where right? During that time I've developed a good bit of culinary skills and, to this day, I still enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

I have a daughter Kaitlin...she's 32 and is the love of my life. She was married in 2017 to Joe, a great guy whom I just love. They blessed me with twin grandsons in June of 2020 and of course....I am over the moon about those 2.

Why do you want to run for the Board:
Over the years I've very much enjoyed participating in all of the options that CSC offers, but also realize that the club basically runs on volunteerism. Now that I'm looking at retirement, it occurs to me that I might have a good bit to offer and am willing to take the time to give back. I'm confident that my experience running a company for 35 years, with all the skills I've picked up along the way, would be an asset to theclub. I look forward to being a part of a group that steers the club into a new era.