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The season will start January 8th, 2020  
Cost $223.35 w
hich includes:
  • Lift tickets
  • Equipemnt Rental  (Helmet:  $10 more)
  • Seven Lessons- lessons are at 5:30 (anyone) and 7:00 PM (CSC only). 

CSC members who wish to sign up will do so on Mad River's website.

Home Page: Click Club Login
Club Login Name:  Columbus Ski Club
Club Password:  CSCLTS

Online Club Registration begins October 7th when the Shopping Cart goes live. 

Once you sign up, you will be issued a Club Card.   

Season Pass

Ages 18-29
If a CSC member wishes to sign up for a season pass and come more often, their fee will be $309 (early sign up discount) and $478 w/ rentals.

Ages 30+
Season passes (anytime) fee will be $329 and $498 w/ rentals. 

CSC members must sign and submit waivers before they can go onto the slopes.
  • Helmets can be rented at Mad River
  • This is a ski or board program
  • Insurance is $15.00
On Oct 14, regular season passes will go up from $399 to $469.

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