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Frequently Asked Questions about the Club

Do I have to ski to be a member?

Absolutely not! The Columbus Ski Club has activities for all interests. Hundreds of our members are not skiers. We maintain many of our own sports leagues and organize many social activities.  See the Sports, Social, and Non-Ski Trips sections in this website.

Can I participate in any Ski Club event without becoming a member?

The Columbus Ski Club Meetings/Gatherings, Parties, and Friday Afters are open to all, but to sign up for a social event, sports activity, or trip you must be a member. 

What is the demographic make up of the Club?

The Columbus Ski Club has over 1,200 members with a wide variety of occupations and interests. The membership is comprised of approximately half males and half females ranging in age from 21+.

Can my children join and participate in the Columbus Ski Club?

Members must be at least 21 years of age, but children can participate in the Ski Club Racing program, Learn-to-Ski program and Softball league if a parent is a member in good standing provided the parent is present at each event in which the child (or children) participate.

Will I be safe on all Club activities?

While medical emergencies are rare, the Club recognizes the importance of keeping all their members safe whether on trips, at sporting activities, or at other Club activities. We encourage each member to complete the In Case of Emergency (ICE) info on the forms we provide and to produce their own personal ICE form by accessing


Do I have to be a good skier to join ski activities?

Columbus Ski Club skiers run the gamut from "never skied before" to "extreme skiers". We have skiers of all sizes, shapes, styles, etc. participating in Ski Racing, Learn-to-Ski, and ski trips. Come join the fun! And THINK SNOW!!


How do I find out about Club activities?

As a Club member, our newsletter, the TRACK, is emailed to you before each member meeting.  The eTRACK includes the activity sign-up information, calendar of events, and names & phone numbers of key contacts.  You can also view the TRACK on our website.

Is there any way to be assured of participation in a wait-listed activity?

Signing-up for an activity on the 1st night sign-ups begin, being a paid member in good standing, and making the required payment on the night of sign-ups is the best way of assuring participation.

If more people sign-up on the 1st night than can participate, a lottery method of selection takes place at the meeting. Assured participants are notified for immediate payment, and wait-listed persons are numbered in order of selection. This assures that a fair selection is conducted. Any activity that is full will add names to a Waiting List upon payment of a deposit. After the initial night of sign-ups, people are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.


Can my business advertise in Ski Club?

Yes, indeed! You can advertise on our website and/or in our newsletter, the eTrack.  Contact our eTrack Editor for further information.